#PUSSIFICATION: Duke University Has A PROGRAM To Make Males HATE Masculinity

Men should not tone down their masculinity just so women can feel equal, or in this case superior, to them.

By Doug Giles

Dear Parents: If you want your son to be turned into a prancing dandy who despises his masculinity and suppresses the testosterone fog that God and nature hardwired him to dwell in, then send him to Duke University.

‘The Duke Men’s Project’, which should be renamed ‘The Duke Make Men Pussies Project’, was launched this month.

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Guess who’s hosting it?

Well, if you guess the campus’ Women’s Center then pat yourself on the back because you guessed right.

What could go wrong, eh?

In this 10 week festival fueled by misandry, ‘male-identified’ students will be shamed away from supposed male privileges, patriarchy and the language of dominance.’

In other words, they will be re-educated to become little tinkerpots with a penis. Just the sort of fair cupcakes that Hillary, gnarly feminists, and radical Islam would love for males to morph into because they’re so easy to control.

How quaint.

Here it is straight from the morons’ mouths

Dipro Bhowmik, who sits on the leadership team, recently said the goal of the Duke Men’s Project is for male students to “critique and analyze their own masculinity and toxic masculinities to create healthier ones.”

Alex Bressler, another junior on the leadership team, said the program would help men “proactively deconstruct our masculinity.”

This rank experiment in effeminization is patterned off of a similar goofy idea via the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, where the poor dupes were shamed into contemplating ‘how masculinity plays a harmful influence in lives.’

Can you say, ‘Pussies Galore?’

Check out UNC’s promo video here


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