Putin Out The Flames: Putin And Obama Seem Cold As Ever At Beijing Summit


Awkward. What’s even more awkward? The suits the world leaders were told to wear at this summit.

Relations between the U.S. and Russia appeared to be as icy as ever Tuesday, as President Barack Obama attended a summit in Beijing alongside Vladimir Putin.

The President of Russia was photographed sinisterly smirking at Mr Obama as the two arrived at a special session of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation on Tuesday.

But Putin was later seen offering his American counterpart an awkward pat on the back as the two settled into the meeting room with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The bumbling exchange comes just months after President Obama warned Putin directly, not to continue intervening in the turmoil in neighboring Ukraine.

This week’s conference has been filled with endless international relations entertainment, including strange Star Trek-style outfits the world leaders wore for a group photo.

‘Obama wearing Star Trek jacket in China? Someone please beam him up,’ wrote Steve Miller on Twitter.

Jami_USA added: ‘Is this a new Star Trek Episode?’

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