QUESTION: Do You Still Consider FOX News ‘Fair & Balanced?’

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 9.50.02 AMWhat do you think? Still fair and balanced or has that shipped sailed? Rush Limbaugh has an interesting take on it. Check it out and give us your thoughts below.

On Wednesday, conservative icon and talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh said “Fox News is not considered the conservative network that it used to be” to many viewers in the heartland.

On his daily radio program, Limbaugh said “he has found when talking to people, including media people, in the east coast” and places like Washington, Boston, and South Florida that “virtually everybody thinks of Fox News as a conservative network.”

Limbaugh said he travels to Missouri for Christmas and the holidays and goes on golf trips all over the country and, “I’m here to tell you Fox News is not considered the conservative network that is used to be.”

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He said he is “not trying to start anything up” and added that “when you hear the media” who “are all leftists” talk about Fox News, “it may as well be the John Birch Society as far as they’re concerned” or “whatever evil right-wing organization” and “that’s why they hate it.”

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