QUESTION: Do You Think Obama Is Intentionally Destroying America?

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 9.23.37 AMThe overwhelming evidence says yes. Check out this article and see how. Let us know your thoughts in the comment area below.

Written by William Pauwels

In his new book, Government Zero, author Michael Savage says Barack Obama has no place in the White House.  More and more people are asking the question: Are Obama and his administration playing for the other side, or is Obama just a clueless academic who is incompetently leading our nation and our economy in the wrong direction?

Like Savage, it seems to me that Liberal-Leftist Progressives (quasi-Marxists) such as Obama simply don’t get it.  For example, when government taxes workers – and pays non-workers – we get more non-workers. The US Labor Department reports 94 million people are not working; while only 149 million people are working.  In other words, only  61.3 % of the available workforce is working – a very low number.

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Government policy should make the poor rich – not the rich poor! The prosperity of any free-market nation is the result of its collective productivity, GDP growth, ingenuity, and private economic investment – less the cost of government and nonproductive entitlements – as measured in non-inflated (constant) dollars.

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