QUESTION: Is Comey’s Character Questionable?

Comey testified this past week and admitted he was responsible for leaking memos to the NYTimes.

According to RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel, during an interview with Fox News Sunday, that proves how questionable the former FBI Director’s character is.

Romney McDaniel said, “I think it shows how questionable his character is that he would take conversations that he had with the president of the United States, which should be protected under executive privilege, and then he to gave them to a friend to leak to The New York Times.

I think it proves that the president made the right choice and firing Director Comey. And it brings into great question, some of the decision-making he made as FBI director and sense.”

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The leak is just one of many things that would cause someone to question Comey’s character.

Including his direct link to the Clintons. 

So what say you, America?

Is Comey’s character questionable?



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