QUESTION: Is This Liberal Insane?!

If there is one thing the left loves to defend, it’s abortion.

They claim that while the baby is inside the mother, it’s not an actual person.

Yet, a professor at Purdue University has the perverted idea that images of aborted babies constitute “child pornography”.

Excuse me? You are pro-abortion. You do not believe that those photos are of children. How could it be “child pornography” if it’s not a child?

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Professor David Sanders, an associate professor of Biology at Purdue University (oh, good Lord, biology), accused pro-lifers of engaging in “child pornography” when they use pictures of aborted babies.

Check out the video. He makes his remarks around the 38:00 point.

In a botched attempt to call pro-lifers hypocrites, Sanders argued the display of the pictures was pornography because, wait for it…no one obtained the permission of the fetus.



“He thinks fetuses are children, and he belongs to an organization that likes to show images of fetuses.

“What would you call the public display of a butt naked body of a child? I would call it child pornography. Do they have their permission? Do they have the permission of the fetus? Obviously not.”

With the liberal logic and this asinine statement, it’s looking like Sanders made himself look like a hypocrite.

His debate opponent, pro-life activist Seth Drayer, responded in a statement: “The displaying of images of dismembered preborn children in public have long been considered protected political speech by federal courts where displaying child pornography is a criminal act punishable with up to 30 years’ maximum in prison.”

h/t Breitbart


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