QUESTION: Is This Photo Of Ellen DeGeneres Riding on Usain Bolt’s Back Racist?

Ellen DeGeneres has sparked up some controversy over a meme she posted with Usain Bolt, the fastest man alive. Some PC dandies found it to be racist. What do you think?

Ellen DeGeneres has been accused of being a racist after tweeting a meme of Usain.

The Photoshopped image showed her riding the back of the Olympic gold medalist in what is now an iconic image of him casually smiling at the camera during his winning 100 meter men’s final sprint.

The caption read: ‘This is how I’m running errands from now on.’

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Backlash: Ellen DeGeneres was accused of being a racist after she posted a meme of her riding on Olympian Usain Bolt's back on Monday

‘You thought it’d be funny to post a pic of yourself riding on the back of a Black man? Nope. Delete this racist garbage,’ tweeted MikeAllen_47, of the meme.

‘So the first thing that pops in your head when looking at this pic is “oh let me jump onto his back like he’s a common mule”?’, asked Twitter user Jon Snow-ratio.

Iyonah tweeted,’an apology won’t do. This is utterly f*cking ridiculous. How dare you!?!?’

MiQL tweeted, ‘So riding on his back like a mule, a horse as some form of property is fun to you… Ok..’

Another Twitter user wrote, ‘Dear @TheEllenShow: Whatever intern thought this tweet was a good idea should be fired. Immediately.’


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