QUESTION: Is ISLAM Linked to Terrorism?

According to an Australian doctors lobby group, the connection is not there.

Well, at least they are dismissing the ‘inherent links’ to terrorism and Islam.

An Australian doctors lobby group has dismissed the ‘inherent links’ between Islam and terrorism and is urging a powerful committee to follow suit.

The Public Health Association of Australia has called on the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade to ‘disavow’ the concept.

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‘The PHAA urges the Committee to include a recommendation in its report that disavows the notion that there is any inherent link between Islam and terrorism,’ the submission reads.

‘The Committee should condemn any politician who refers divisively (expressly or implied) to any religious or ethnic group for the purpose of political gain.’

PHAA Chief Executive Michael Moore — blubber-butt American documentarian’s long lost twin — claimed there is no deep-rooted tie between any religion and acts of terror.


So where are the condemnations of terrorism from all those devout Muslims committing honor rapes and killings in the name of Allah?

Michael Moore continued to state, ‘When you look at terrorism and the IRA, I don’t think many people blamed Christianity for terrorism when clearly there was an overlay,’ he told The Australian.

In fact there’s nothing ­inherent in Christianity that links to terrorism.

‘Intolerable behaviour is intolerable behaviour and… because individuals might frame that around Islam doesn’t mean we should accept that.’…

Moore is right.

There is nothing in the Christian’s holy book that links their religion to terrorism.

The Quran is a different story.

It contains texts and teachings that incite violence, misogyny, Jew-hatred, and hatred of the kuffar.

What the Australians are saying is great if you live with your head in the sand, but until all Muslims condemn the acts of terrorism in the name of Allah, there IS an inherent problem.

When Islam removes their messages of violence, misogyny, Jew-hatred, and hatred of the kuffar is the day the world can stop connecting terrorists to Islam.

Until then, if any terrorist screams ‘Allahu Akbar’ while committing a mass attack, there will ALWAYS be a link.

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