QUESTION: Does Obama Deserve a COURAGE Award?

A political courage award. That is what Obama will be presented with from the John F. Kennedy family.

Does he deserve it?

Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama arrived at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum for a dinner and ceremony to accept the annual Profile in Courage award, named for a 1957 Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Kennedy that profiled eight U.S. senators who risked their careers by taking principled though unpopular positions.

Among the long line of guests who made their way down the red carpet into the library for the event Sunday night were members of the Kennedy family, members of Congress, former Obama staffers and celebrities including former late-night talk show host David Letterman.

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U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III, a Massachusetts Democrat, said Obama earned the award by meeting many challenges that faced him during his presidency.

“It’s about understanding the challenges we face as a country and as a planet and mustering the political will to do what is right even if what is right at that moment isn’t necessarily popular,” said Kennedy, a harsh critic of the GOP health overhaul plan.

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No, we think a lot of what Obama did was “popular”. It was popular with the media, with the Hollywood elite, with politicians. It was popular with everyone it needed to be popular with. It was only unpopular with the people who were most affected by it.

In selecting Obama for the award, the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation praised Obama his health care policies.

Caroline Kennedy, JFK’s daughter, said while announcing the award in March:

“President Kennedy called on a new generation of Americans to give their talents to the service of the country. With exceptional dignity and courage, President Obama has carried that torch into our time, providing young people of all backgrounds with an example they can emulate in their own lives.”

You probably already know what we think about this…

So it’s time to tell us your opinion! Is Obama deserving of this award?


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