‘QUIT USING MY SISTER’: Everytown Uses Deceased Sibling’s Story to Push Gun-Control, but the Sister has None of it

10424303_552149981582114_9076566603180313483_nThat backfired quickly.

Speaking to Fox News on February 4, Cochran said the only thing that would have saved her sister was a gun. She said, “There’s no way the police would have gotten there in time had she just dialed 911.”

Cochran explained that her sister’s estranged husband was a felon, so there was no reason to believe he was going to follow gun control laws that prevented him from being armed. She said there was no justification for believing a background check requirement would keep him from getting a gun.

Rather, Cochran said, “The only thing that would have leveled [things] out” was if her sister had a gun.

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Fox News then played a recording of Everytown for Gun Safety calling to use Jessie’s story. Everytown’s Ann Wright asked Cochran if she would be “comfortable… sharing [her] story so other people would understand why we need to strengthen our gun laws.”

Cochran demurred, giving Wright pause; then Cochran said, “I am actually against it… I am very pro-gun, as is Jessie, so I would really hope you guys don’t use her story for anything.”

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