WATCH: Rachel Maddow FAILS Big Time After Trying to BLAME Trump for Civil Unrest

Rachel Maddow didn’t get enough lying out of her system with Trump’s tax returns. She’s back at it with a different topic; the protests in Venezuela.

During a segment of The Rachel Maddow Show, a chyron was displayed implying the widespread anti-socialist protests in Venezuela were actually protests against Trump.


The show, which aired on Thursday, implied that a donation to Donald Trump’s inauguration of $500,000 from a subsidiary of a Venezuelan state-run oil company was a cause of recent protests.

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A headline at the bottom of the screen during a segment explaining the donation read: “Unrest in Venezuela Over Trump Donations,” without noting the growing food and medicine shortages that have occurred there as a direct result of nearly two decades of socialist mismanagement.


During the show, Maddow claimed, “Venezuelans are enraged anew over by this brand new FEC filing from the White House [showing]… that Venezuela’s state-run oil company somewhere found a half million dollars to donate to the very, very, very inexplicably overfunded Trump inauguration.”

She was referring to a report showing that Citgo Petrol, the American affiliate of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), the state-run oil company, donated $500,000 to the Trump inauguration. The report from November showed that the state-run company had $11 billion unaccounted for in the last decade.

Though Maddow didn’t come out and say the unrest was directly linked to the donation, what was shown says it all.

Plus, the only explanation (if you can even call it that) she gave for the protests was that “the sanctions that the U.S. put on Venezuela were put there in 2014, after 43 people got killed while participating in anti-government protests.”

Not once were the socialist policies or left-wing political oppression in the country mentioned. Venezuela has prisoners of conscience. That is a pretty important detail to leave out and makes a lot more sense for the protests than a measly donation.

She also left out that most of the victims in the 2014 protests were killed by state police, national guard, or socialist gangs.

Again, nice way to leave out the details that don’t fit your narrative, Rach.

There is no evidence suggesting the reason behind the civil unrest was the donation. Opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who was recently banned from holding public office for 15 years without cause, called for protests to fight the government’s military plan designed to silence opposition, promising that they “will not rest until Venezuela returns to constitutional order.”

Many Venezuelans are starving living under the socialist dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro. The average Venezuelan lost nearly 20 pounds throughout 2016 due to food shortages, according to a recent poll. Over 15 percent of Venezuelans rely on industrial waste as food to survive.

Maddow failed to link any of Venezuela’s socialist policies, such as the mass nationalization of industries, to the country’s current crisis.

The show, realizing it had f-ed up again, later apologized for the chyron and updated it in the web version of the show.

MSNBC said in a statement:

“Rachel was clear in calling the protests in Venezuela ‘anti-government,’ but the banner on the screen while she said it was not correct. As a TV show, we have to get them both right, and sometimes we miss.”

That’s the lamest excuse ever.

Venezuelans are fed up with the socialist regime in their country. It has crippled the nation’s economy, which caused many international corporations to leave.

It has led to mass shortages in food, medicine, and electricity so there are now strict price controls, which have only exacerbated the other issues.

Many have died because they have spoken out against the government.

Trump is not the one they are protesting. They are protesting their own government because it has failed them.


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