Racism and the Zimmerman Verdict


An incredible victory for truth and justice occurred when George Zimmerman was acquitted of the trumped-up charges against him in the Trayvon Martin case. Of course it is a tragedy when a young man like Martin is killed, and there is always blame on both sides of any issue. I have no doubt that George Zimmerman will live the rest of his life regretting what happened, and wishing things had turned out differently.

But did he deserve to be convicted of murder, or even manslaughter, as the judge suggested when it looked like the prosecution had no case? A larger question is, did he deserve to even be charged with murder in the first place?

The jury said, “No”. Anyone who watched the trial with any degree of objectivity would have said, “No”. But that did not stop the race mongers, including President Obama, from convicting him in their minds the minute the incident occurred. Why? Because George Zimmerman’s skin was lighter than Trayvon Martin’s. In the liberal book of “justice”, you really don’t need courts and juries. All you need is a photographic exposure meter with which you can measure the color value of the individuals’ skin. He who has the lighter skin is automatically guilty.

That was obviously President Obama’s mindset when he famously said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin.” Now, what was that supposed to mean? That he was black like the President? What exactly was the point of making that observation? Did he mean that similarly to the way people voted for him because he was the first black man to run for President,  they should also condemn Zimmerman because he was whiter than Martin and thus obviously the guilty party? If that is not what he meant to imply, then just exactly what was it he meant?

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Now, without belaboring the details of the prosecution’s pathetic case, and how even some of their own witnesses wound up supporting Zimmerman, the case is over. Justice was done. But the left is still not happy. The FBI did an investigation of Zimmerman’s supposed racist tendencies and found absolutely no evidence to indicate that he was in fact a racist. However, since the verdict did not go his way, Eric Holder is going to waste more of your money “investigating” to see if he cannot contrive enough “evidence” to bring some sort of civil rights charges against Zimmerman. This, of course, is from a man whose ironically named Department of Justice used your tax dollars to pay protesters in numerous rallies and demonstrations against Zimmerman, which you can read about here.

The saddest part of the aftermath of the trial, however, is the response of some of the Black community. According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel, Black churchgoers and their pastors in the area were wearing hoodies in a show of support for Martin last Sunday. Some preachers, like Rev. Valarie Houston of Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church in Sanford’s historic Goldsboro area, were condemning the “racism” and “injustice” of the acquittal. “I am hurt. I am sad. I am shocked, but I shouldn’t be,” she said. “We are African-Americans. We are people. We are allowed to go the store and buy Arizona Ice Tea and a package of Skittles and go home,” she said. “Now is the time to lift our national policy from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of human dignity.”

But what was she saying? That somehow it was a racial injustice not to send an innocent man to prison? Wouldn’t that kind of injustice be just what Blacks contend was meted out to them? Or is it a racial injustice whenever a person having a different color skin is not found guilty? There were some who felt that way 150 years ago, but they were not black, and many hundreds of thousands of lives were lost to fix that kind of thinking. Or did all those lives merely substitute white for black?

It is time for the Black community to stop listening to the race hustlers, like the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson and the “Reverend” Al Sharpton, whose success is dependent on keeping the fires of racial hatred burning. The Black community has a plague of teenage boys without fathers at home who have no marketable skills, no jobs, and nothing but anger and hatred in their hearts. Many other boys around them are not hardened criminals, but have been negatively influenced by those who are. Why would Treyvon Martin post vulgar and hateful texts on his phone with many references to fighting and gratuitous violence, which he apparently enjoyed? Why did he say that he intended to go after someone with whom he had just had a fight again because he “didn’t bleed enough…only his nose”?

Why, when questioned by Zimmerman, did he not simply explain that he had just been to the store and that he was walking under the eaves of houses to stay out of the rain, instead of sucker punching him, breaking his nose, and then beating his head into the sidewalk? For the Martin sympathizers, what would you have done if the same had happened to you? Have you ever been accosted by a street fighter who enjoys seeing you bleed? Since it was Martin who started the fight, why was it not Martin who was the racist, who attacked Zimmerman because he was whiter than he was?

It is time for America to have a real dialogue about the problems in our country. We cannot go on making racism and white people responsible for everything. We had racist attitudes on the part of white people in the past, certainly. But those are behind us. Anyone who is the least bit objective can look at Paula’s Dean’s “mea culpa”, see her sorrow for using racial epithets in the past that anyone who denied would be a liar, and then looking at the incredible personal toll it has taken on her and her business, and see that this country does not tolerate anything that even smacks of racism. At least not from white people. Apparently this standard does not apply beyond the white community. Perhaps that is because we have a President and Attorney General, and judges, and preachers, and myriad other people who should be setting the example of brotherly love, instead profiting from politically correct views that are themselves racist.

Not until people in this nation realize that the words, “Liberty and justice for all” mean just that, for ALL, which includes out of favor groups like white males, will we be able to begin to mend the fabric of society that has been torn by those who would divide us for personal and political gain.



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