RACIST WEBSITE: Apparently Owned by Dylann Roof, Contains Dozens of Photos

stupidThere are photos of him also burning and spitting on the American flag. This guy looks like he hates America in general.

A website featuring a 2,444-word white supremacist screed shows dozens of photos of the gunman arrested in the Charleston, South Carolina, church massacre.

The site shows a stone-faced Dylann Roof — the man who confessed to shooting nine people dead at a Bible study group, according to sources — holding weapons, visiting a cemetery for Confederate soldiers, and burning and spitting on an American flag.

Roof appears to have bought the site domain in February based on a reverse domain look-up service that found it was registered under the name Dylann Roof, using Roof’s mother’s home address. NBC News could not confirm the site’s authenticity or whether Roof was its creator.

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Federal law enforcement sources said the FBI and local Charleston authorities have been investigating and analyzing the site, and have known about it for several days.

While the FBI is not saying with “100 percent” certainty it belongs to Roof, they are operating under the assumption that he is responsible for all of the writings, photos and other material, sources said.

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