Radical Islam Threatens World War III

islam-will-dominateAcross the globe, Islam, promising peace, marches forward. The only peace they offer infidels and apostates, indeed even to opposing sects of their own religion, is conversion, or the peace of the grave.

Radical Islam is the main force fomenting turbulence today. Imperial Russia and Communist China play a dangerous game, arming Islamic countries with high-tech weapons of mass destruction, while tamping down dissent from Islamists at home. Aiming to destroy American power, they risk their own.

In a world rapidly destabilizing, it could take but a spark to rekindle conflicts that have so long simmered. With America’s Progressive leadership unwilling to maintain the fragile status quo that existed from the end of World War II until the fall of the Berlin Wall, other powers have rushed in to fill the vacuum. This new world order is nothing like what was ostensibly intended by the winners.

Large parts of North Africa and the Middle East are afire, torn between forces that offer little difference save the name and brand of totalitarian control. America’s ill-fated attempts at nation-building in Muslim countries with little tradition or desire for democracy has set the stage for impending conflict on a world scale. Our all-volunteer army has been dispirited and exhausted, and is overextended.

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Iran is allowed to have $8 billion in seized sanctions, in return for nothing more than the promise of future talks. With Russian, Chinese and North Korean help, this guarantees funding for production of an arsenal of nuclear weapons and the ballistic missile means to deliver them to half the globe. Iranian nuclear ambitions are about to spark an arms race with …

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