Rand Paul: Conservatism’s Man of Steel

We just lost an Iron Lady, but Rand Paul may be conservatism’s Man of Steel. It is becoming more apparent each day that he is the new face of the Republican party and he knows how to articulate the message of small government to those who have the hardest time hearing it.

Rand Paul speaks at Howard University (full speech) and while some flaunt their ignorance, many listen.

Make no mistake, there are those who will not hear and conservatives will have to pull them from the flames kicking and screaming just to save our collective butts. These are career liberals who would not understand responsibility if even Obama was selling it.

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Here “Shady” Al Sharpton soundbites Rand Paul in both his Howard speech and a previous Rachel Maddow interview. He does not want his viewers to hear Paul’s complete argument which is that government should not be coercive past insuring legal equality. Senator Paul feels the Civil Rights Act goes a step further than it was intended. Does that mean he is for discrimination against blacks? Shady Al would have you believe so.

Rand Paul is a dream candidate and the premier leader in senate. If conservatives throw him under the bus because of one divergent view, they will be sorry. Conservatives will not find another person motivating youth and speaking the message of classical liberalism (small government, more liberty) across enemy lines with more momentum.

Of course, Rand Paul’s trip to Howard has quickly turned into liberal media fodder, but don’t let the rabid liberal lemmings walk you over the cliff right along side of them. Senator Paul’s strength will be in his public appearances. No doubt, some students walked away from that Howard University speech feeling insulted that anyone would attempt to challenge any of their long held beliefs, the pompous Obama intern especially. But some walked away feeling curious, having seen the Republican party humanized.

This is not the message you will hear in the liberal media. Shady Al and every pundit on the left only feel tingles for socialists, double points if he is a black socialist. Rand Paul will not make a dent in their media machine. He will have to filibuster the entire nation, going day after day, visiting colleges and town halls, asking for support. He must start now and he needs our support right now.

Some will say it is too early to be discussing presidential elections, but they are wrong. We do not need to wait and see what will happen. Conservatives must have such a tempest built up in public motivation for the congressional and presidential elections that any liberal attempting to run will have to contest with the storm of the century. Rand Paul could be this very storm if conservatives unite and support him. Liberals are afraid of Paul. Will we let them pick our candidate yet again?

Rand Paul showed real metal going to Howard University and talking about civil rights and the black history of the Republican party to left leaning black students. He is a man of steel and for those who want to just sit on their butts and complain about Republicans, I have one thing to say to you: It will be Rand Paul or Revolution. If conservatives will not unite behind a leader that will support our constitutional rights as Paul has done, then our democratic battle will turn into a militarized one. Any single problem with Rand Paul will be out-shined by the amount of damage he could actually undo in the federal government.

Perhaps Divine providence will send us another great choice, but don’t count on it. Liberal blacks are knifing Ben Carson in the back like they have done to every black conservative throughout history. Marco Rubio, God love him, has some sort of dry mouth public speaking issue. A candidate running on a Libertarian ticket will not win the popular vote. Who else is there with Rand Paul momentum? The GOP is angling to be seen with him. Complainers offer no alternative, but revolution. Paul offers us a way to a better nation through our beloved democracy. Conservatives must give it one more shot.

The faster we unite, the faster we can exert all of our force towards the liberal machine. If we remain divided, we will fail.


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