Rand Paul OUTRAGES Trump Supporters on Syria Strike… You Won’t Believe What He Said!

Sen. Rand Paul was not a fan of this strike from the beginning.

And he’s letting his feelings be known!

Paul is criticizing President Trump’s decision to launch missile strikes on a Syrian air base without approval from Congress.

He seems to be really hung up on that.

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In a Fox News op-ed, the Senator wrote that “no matter your view of the merits of engaging in Syria, every member of Congress should stand up today and reclaim our Constitutional authority over war.”

He then went on the air with Stuart Varney for Fox Business Network to emphasize his point.

He believes Trump was going against the beliefs of our Founding Fathers, who, he said, believed war should be fully debated by Congress.

Paul said this when referring to Russia and a new report that a Russian warship entered the eastern Mediterranean where two U.S. Navy ships launched the missiles:

“What we’re doing now is illegal and unconstitutional and the ramifications could be extreme. They may not, but there is a great danger in bumping up against another nuclear power.” 

He claims under the Constitution, the president can only act unilaterally only when the nation is attacked or to prevent an imminent attack.

According to Senate.gov, the last time Congress declared war was in 1942. You can all guess which war that was.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that we have since gone to was without Congress’ declaration.

So, is he just being difficult, or does he have a point?

Should Trump start putting all of his battle plans through Congress?


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