RAPE THREAT TO 11-YEAR-OLD: ‘Only Reason I was Your Friend was Because I Eventually Wanted to Rape You’

This is coming from a fellow classmate. Where in the world does an 11-year-old get this kind of idea??

Philadelphia (WTXF) – A local mom is demanding answers after her 11-year-old daughter received a note in school threatening rape.

That note she says came from another 11-year-old student. #FOX29Weekend Anchor Bill Anderson spoke to the upset mother.

A local parent contacted us about bullying that she said her daughter was facing at Edwin Forrest Elementary School in Mayfair.

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Teasing and occasional fights concerned the mother but when her 11-year old daughter got a note left in her desk threatening rape and using language It’s hard to believe came from a child., she was terrified of what happened.

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