RAPIST ON THE LOOSE: Brock Turner RELEASED 3-Months After Convicted

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.02.18 AMYou can hardly call this justice. After brutally raping a woman, Turner only served 3 months of his 6 month jail sentence. Further more he was granted permission to serve out his probation in his home state, not in California.

Stanford rapist Brock Turner has been released from jail — after serving just three months of the six-month sentence handed down in June.

The convicted pervert emerged from San Jose’s Main Jail South at 6.09am Pacific Time.

A sole protester shouted ‘loser’ as he walked the 10 yards from the main door to a waiting car.

Turner, who celebrated his 21st birthday in jail at the start of last month, was being met by his parents Dan and Carleen, who flew in from their home near Dayton, Ohio, to collect him.

The family are now traveling back to Ohio, where Turner will serve his three-year probation term, having successfully applied to have it transferred from California to his home state.

Turner must check in with his new probation officer within 72 hours of his release — or face being forced back to Santa Clara County to complete probation there.

‘It’s safe to say that he will be out of [California] as soon as he can,’ a source at the Santa Clara County Probation Department told DailyMail.com.

‘If he doesn’t check in with his probation officer [in Ohio] within 72 hours, then he has to check in with us, which would mean him spending the next three years here.’

The Turner case sparked outrage after the 21-year-old’s ‘lenient’ sentence was made public.

Currently, California law metes out harsher punishment in cases where the victim was conscious – although campaigners are now advocating a change in the law.

Among them is Santa Clara sheriff Laurie Smith who on Friday morning told media that probation is ‘not a fair sentence for anyone convicted of a sexual assault felony’.

She added: ‘As the Sheriff of Santa Clara County and a mother, I believe the interests of justice are best served by ensuring sexual predators are sent to prison as punishment for their crimes.’

Jeffrey Rosen, the county district attorney, also echoed the call saying that if the law was changed a similar case would see a state prison rather than county jail sentence for the rapist.

‘If we had our way, Brock Turner would be in state prison serving a six year sentence, not going home,’ he said in a statement issued after the release.

‘However, our focus today is on a bill that will require a state prison sentence, not probation, for anyone convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious person.

‘With the Governor’s signature, the next Brock Turner will go to prison.’

Turner will also have to visit the Greene County Sheriff’s Office in Xenia within five days of his return to Ohio to be photographed, finger-printed and to sign the state’s sex offender’s register.


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