Rapists Valley: Girls Rented & Raped on Their Migration to North America

Screenshot 2014-07-03 at 9.47.28 AMEditor’s Note: These immigrants are people just looking for a better life. Too many atrocities are occurring due to our insufficient immigration system.

Politicians who directly encourage the travel of thousands of children through a rapists valley – all in the name of bending American citizen’s to their political will – are guilty of human trafficking and an accessory to the torture and gang-rape young girls coming to cross the Texas border from Central America must endure. Period.

This is ground zero in a very real War on Women:

A War on Children, no-less as young girls from Central America – some with parents, some without – travel on the death trains and trails through Mexico toward awaiting DHS lawyers, food, shelter, court dates, underwear, and the promise of Disneyland are being rented out, raped and abused along the way.

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It’s repulsive, evil and orchestrated in the quest for political power.

Texas is the quickest route (and conveniently the reddest State) to enter through and border authorities there are overwhelmed. This, despite a Nostradamus-like request back in January by DHS on the BizOpps website seeking “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children.”

U.S. law is clear: Once a child from a foreign country reaches American soil, they must be processed and released into the country with friends or relatives to await an appearance in deportation court. Let me ask you a rhetorical question:

Let’s say you’re a mom and you just dragged your little girls through the deserts of Central America and Mexico; hopped a few moving trains; watched your precious babies be raped and abused; paid extortion money; were raped and abused yourself; maybe saw one of your kids lose an arm or a leg trying to jump off a rape train; made it across the Rio Grande to America and got issued a court date  to determine if you’re all there illegally and should be returned:

– would you show up to court?

The message has been clear to people in Central America: Get your child and yourself across the border and Obama will let you stay.  One federal judge slammed the Department of Homeland Security for “completing a criminal conspiracy” by placing a recently smuggled child with the undocumented immigrant parent who had hired the smugglers.

Now let me be clear: Once a child is here on American soil – I don’t care where they’re from – we should take good care of them. Period.

It’s not their fault they’re here anymore than it’s their fault that they were gang-raped by vile, smelly, desert pedophilistas. But they shouldn’t be coming here in the first place and a secure border would stop the flood immediately. I know, good luck with that one.

If Republicans and Democrats did their Constitutional duty, the message gets back quickly that you can’t come in illegally and there would be no exodus for the Texas border.

Our leaders are all complicit in these children’s living nightmare of cruelty, unspeakable pain and lifelong suffering. They come because they’re getting the green-light from this Obama Administration and their enablers in the Republican Chamber of Amnesty Commerce House of Zuckerberg Main Street Partnership SuperPAC Party. Oh, shut-up – I just invented that.

Miami is one of 10 cities where the children are being sent for immigration proceedings as border shelters fill up. The stories are the same, however.

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