RAPPER ‘ICE T’ Takes Off the Gloves: ‘Right Now You’re Dealing With The Pussification of the Male Sex’

Screenshot 2014-07-07 at 8.29.22 AMEditor’s Note: Ice T isn’t holding back on this generation’s men. Guys, if you spend more time at the mall than in the gun range, you need to hand in your man card now. Check out what Ice T has to say about all this.

Ice T sounds off in a great interview about his new metal album, males who act like pussies and annoying vegans.  Check this out Clashers, and share with parents of young boys.

What’s the lyrical agenda on Manslaughter? You declare that “manhood’s dead” …

I think right now you’re dealing with the pussyfication of the male sex. Men are just being so passive, not standing for something; they’re very politically correct. This has nothing to do with the gay male. The gay male is gay and I have no problem with that. Men are just soft. It’s OK to say you want to be a woman, but try to be a man and there’s something wrong with that.

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Are women toughening up as a result?

Well, women want the position. One of my buddies told me, “For you to be a man, a bitch has definitely taken a position.” If you’re with your girl and you’re like, “Where should we park? I don’t know …”, she’ll be like, “Park here!”

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