‘We’re really screwed now’: NSA insiders are in full panic mode after Senate intelligence chief calls for a full investigation

shutterstock_156891221Intelligence officials are now panicking after a top Democratic leader took aim at the NSA spying program for foreign leaders.

‘We’re really screwed now,’ the unnamed NSA source told Foreign Policy in response to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s disparaging comments on Monday.

‘You know things are bad when the few friends you’ve got disappear without a trace in the dead of night and leave no forwarding address.’

Senator Feinstein, who is the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, called for a ‘total review of all intelligence programs’ after it was reported that the National Security Agency had been collecting phone records for dozens of allied leaders.

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‘The White House has informed me that collection on our allies will not continue, which I support,’ Feinstein said Monday.

‘But as far as I’m concerned, Congress needs to know exactly what our intelligence community is doing. To that end, the committee will initiate a major review into all intelligence collection programs.’

This statement was knocked down once more by an anonymous senior administration official who told Buzzfeed that Mrs Feinstein was getting ahead of herself.

‘The statement that ‘collection on our allies will not continue’ is not accurate,’ the source told Buzzfeed.

‘While we have made some individual changes, which I cannot detail, we have not made across the board changes in policy like, for example, terminating intelligence collection that might be aimed at all allies.’

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