REASONS TO CARRY: Your 911 Dispatcher Could be ASLEEP!

This is one reason to never rely on 911 or the police to come to your rescue.

During a recorded 911 call, a Cleveland police dispatcher could be heard SNORING on the call.

Her punishment was 6 days suspension for sleeping on the job.

Jasmin Thomas pleaded no contest to internal charges from the police department’s investigation.

Imagine your shock if you called 911 and then the dispatcher started audibly snoring on the phone line.

One audio recording of Thomas answering calls from people is certainly damning.

‘Cleveland 911, what is your emergency? Do you need police, fire or EMS?’ Thomas is heard saying to a caller in a video released by Fox 8 Cleveland.

Just seconds later, loud snores can be heard from her.

Other recordings show Thomas’ reaction time to emergencies is somewhat sluggish; taking her 10 seconds to answer one call and 40 seconds to transfer that caller to a firefighter. The emergency was a burning stove.

Photos of sleeping beauty show she has been found sleeping several times behind her desk.

Not excuses, but the reality is that she’s a single mom,’ Cleveland Police Union President Steve Loomis told Fox 8.

‘She’s going to college full-time and she’s working 40, 50, sometimes 60 hours a week up there.’

Though she lives a demanding life, Thomas is placing people’s lives at risk.

This should be a lesson to all citizens that calling 911 can’t always help you.

Have a plan, no matter what your emergency is.

Always contact law enforcement in serious cases, and know your local fire and police station’s number; but also know that they can’t be there soon enough. You are the first responder.


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