Rebuilding What Obama Destroyed, Trump Economy Employs THOUSANDS!

Trump keeps achieving things that Obama only talked about.

No wonder the left is pushing so hard to make him look bad!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in March 98,000 jobs were created and the unemployment rate dropped to 4.5 percent. These are the numbers people want to see. (Except the Left, of course.)

This comes after two months of less than stellar reports.

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Breitbart reports that January and February were revised downward.

We still have a long wat to go, though. March might have been a good month but job creation still fell short of the 180,000 jobs forecast by economists surveyed by Reuters.

Service sector job creation was weak, but manufacturing and construction were able to come close to expectations.

On top of that, the retail sector shed 30,000 jobs this last month.

Economists had expected job creation to fall in March, stating that unseasonably stormy weather in the Northeast could be to blame.

And before you say we are converting to climate change (we aren’t!), hear this out.

The weather in February was unusually mild, leading markets that depend on the weather, like construction, to create more jobs during the month of March.

Because these markets don’t start until later usually, they were seen to be booming this month in comparison to previous years.

Although Trump is making great strides when it comes to the economy, there is a lot of catchup to do.

We are confident he is the person to do it!


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