Who Does That? Recess Aid Serves Kids Dog Treats at Grade School

[Editor’s Note: What kind of grudge was this guy holding against those students? Or was he just really blind and couldn’t tell he was serving dog treats rather than gold fish? Either way, this is really messed up.]

NEW HANOVER, Pa. (CBS) — Students at a Montgomery County grade school were served pet treats by a recess aide, school officials said.

The incident happened Thursday at the New Hanover Upper Frederick Elementary School in New Hanover Township.

According to a statement from Boyertown Area School District Superintendent Richard H. Faidley, a part-time recess aide at the school distributed pet treats to approximately 75 fourth grade students.

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The statement says the treats may have been misrepresented as cookies or crackers. Faidley said the school was uncertain how many students actually ate the pet treats.

A portion of the statement read: “Our research on the product indicates that the treat ingredients would not be harmful to people, with exception for those individuals with specific food allergies.”

A letter was sent home to parents and school administrators spoke with the families of the students in that grade with known food allergies.

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