RECRUITERS TOLD NOT TO WEAR UNIFORMS: This Soldier Thinks That’s Bullsh-t

Screen-Shot-2015-07-20-at-10.02.11-AMThe land of PC and no action is casting a very ugly cloud over this nation.

According to the Marine Corps Times, military services are now telling Marine recruiters not to wear their uniforms in public as a security measure after the shooting in Chattanooga, TN. These measures were approved by Defense Secretary Ash Cater in an effort to increase security.

One soldier thinks this is not protecting anyone, but instead, allowing our military to cower in fear.

This is a reply from Sgt. Omar Avila, Army Infantry, which was sent to’s Doug Giles. Check it out:

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Wait, wait, wait…. Instead of allowing us to be armed with firearms, which we are qualified and trained to do in combat, or allowing us to carry personal firearms with the right certifications, such as a handgun concealed license, the Obama administration wants us to cower in fear? What kind of message are we sending our Marines, Army, and other branches of our military? What kind of message are we sending to the terrorists who attacked us on American soil?

We’re expected to slay the enemy in foreign territory wearing our uniform mighty and proud, but when it happens in our home stead you’re asking us to hide and blend in with the rest of society? All because some coward attacked a soft target? Targets that the Executive Branch weakened in 1992 by D.O.D directives 5210.56, 5100.76, and 5143.01 were the immoral directives that were reissued in the aftermath of terrible tragedies in the Fort Hood and Navy Yard shootings.

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