Refugee Islamist KILLS Elderly Christian Woman, Because She was an ‘Infidel’

This man sounds insane. This is why vetting is so important. These creeps can be caught and people can use their heads to think, ‘huh, multiple names given, let’s not let this guy into our country’. That sounds like the smart thing but some people don’t get it. Now a woman is dead. Just because of her faith.

The man named only as Abubaker C. appeared for the first time in the courthouse of Heilbronn, a city in the south-western German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, on murder charges.

Prosecutors say the asylum seeker killed his landlady Maria M., 70, in the nearby town of Bad Friedrichshall because she was an infidel.

Although the man’s full surname has been withheld under Germany’s privacy laws, his real name is unclear because he has given various names and ages when questioned about himself, telling detectives on one occasion: “I am known by many names.”

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The asylum seeker is estimated to be 27 years old and thought to have been born in Pakistan, although he says his family moved to Saudi Arabia with him later on in life.

In court he had a Punjabi translator, a language spoken in Pakistan.

The prosecution alleges that the defendant strangled his victim with a telephone cable.

Afterwards, he is said to have smashed his victim’s face with an iron rod and fled the house with cash and jewellery.


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