‘Refugee’ Takes Knife and Slashes Bus Driver’s Face

Doesn’t a refugee leave their country to escape violence? Why are they then creating violence in a country that opened their arms to them?! Someone, explain! We don’t get it.

The man named only as Omar A., 20, was on a packed bus from German capital Berlin to the northern Italian city of Milan on 21 December 2015.Omar A., who was planning to get off in Leipzig, and had consumed alcohol and drugs before the attack.

Berlin District Court heard that shortly after departure on the A10 Motorway near Michendorf, Omar A. suddenly started to hit a man in front of him, who was asleep.

The presiding judge said: “We do not know why. There was no attack on the part of the man.

“The man just fell asleep in front of him.”According to Omar A., the man had made a phone call too loudly, which had disturbed him.He said he shook the seat of the man in front of him, after which the situation escalated.

The person sitting next to the unfortunate man tried to intervene, but he was also beaten by the Syrian.A 55-year-old Italian threw himself in front of some children to protect them.Omar A. said: “I did not understand, panicked, and shouted, ‘Allah, they’re killing me.’”He then took a Stanley knife out of his backpack, saying that he was afraid.The judge called this “a claim without a shred of truth”.

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Omar A. slashed the man’s face with the knife.

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The Italian still sports a 6-inch scar across his left cheek. He also lost his job due to his traumatised mental state after the attack.One witness said the defendant had been watching an ISIS execution video on his smartphone but the court accepted that it had been a music video by a rapper who was in fact critical of ISIS.The defendant denied that he had jihadist motives, and the judge concluded that the trial had not shown a “real motive.”The judge concluded that the Syrian had acted out of anger and aggression and had “intentionally and deliberately injured the man”.


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