‘REFUGEES’ GO ON HUNGER STRIKE: Stitch Their Lips Closed

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 9.51.22 AMAre we supposed to be concerned about this?

Some migrants have sewn their mouths shut in a hunger strike to protest the demolition of controversial Calais migrant camp the “Jungle” as authorities worked to clear the site in northern France.

Calais authorities plan to demolish the southern half of the camp and relocate the inhabitants in response to unsanitary conditions at the site.

On Thursday, a group called Calais Migrant Solidaritypublished a grainy video statement of the protesters.

Its narrator said these migrants began their protest at noon Wednesday and had “a simple request: for a representative of the European Court of Human Rights to visit the Jungle, see the conditions which they are living in, and address the problems which are facing these people.”

“They have exhausted every way possible of opposing the eviction of their homes,” the video’s narrator said.

The protesters were photographed holding signs aloft. One read: “I left my country and I came here to find my human rights, but unfortunately I have found none.”

Calais, the closest French city to the UK, is a major port where ferries cross the English Channel, and it’s situated close to an undersea tunnel connecting the countries.

The “Jungle” is a major transit point for thousands of migrants hoping to enter the UK illegally by smuggling themselves on trucks or other vehicles. Many migrants there are reluctant to leave and register in a French reception center as their preferred destination is the UK.

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