Reid’s Schemes: Chicom May Not Be on the Books, But Bundy’s Land is Still a Target for Harry Reid

reidUPDATE 1 pm Tuesday, April 15. The BLM lists over 50 separate solar, wind and other alternative energy plants being planned in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon and Wyoming. These plants, if constructed, will literally blanket the West and Southwest with solar panels and windmills. The environmental impact will be devastating to the entire area. The magnitude of this project clarifies exactly why the BLM has been chasing ranchers and just about everyone else out of these rural areas. California has a mandate to achieve up to 33 percent of its energy from “renewable” energy sources by 2020, so a disproportionate number of these new plans target California. But there are dozens in other states. TheMoapa Southern Paiute Solar Projectdescribed later in this article covers 2,153 acresnear the Bundy ranch. According to the BLM, “The project supports president Obama’s New Energy for America plan, which sets a target of 10 percent of U.S. energy be met with renewable energy by 2012 and 25% by 2025.” Did you know that our president has mandated we pay to have 10 to 25 percent of our energy converted to “green” sources?

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The Blaze yesterday reported that the Communist Chinese energy company ENN, which had planned to build a massive solar energy complex on 9,000 acres in Clark County, Nevada, gave up on the project last June. On Friday, this column had erroneously reported the project as being current. While the Blaze was correct on this point, it missed the larger story. The effort to bring solar power to the southwest did not end with the ENN project. This is a massive endeavorcovering six states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. More are planned and Sen. Harry Reid is right there in the middle of them.

The BLM said that rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle were a hazard for the endangered desert tortoise, and for that reason, no cattle could graze that land. While the solar installations are not to be on the land in dispute, they would cause so much damage to other areas that the BLM plans to “mitigate” the effects by using the land for the tortoise. In March 2014 the BLM published what it calls a “mitigation strategy” to offset damages to the natural environment by large scale solar energy development.

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