Criminal Organization Drugs, Kidnaps and Stuffs Model into Suitcase to be Sold Online

A criminal organization called ‘Black Death’ had drugged a female model and stuffed her in a suitcase to be sold online at auction.

This is shit you see in the movies.

She was held captive for 6 days in a farmhouse in Turin, after being abducted in Milan. The woman was eventually released by the kidnappers in show of ‘huge generosity’, according to Black Death they let her go ‘because she is a mother’.

Taking her back to Milan the organization warned in a letter “she would be ‘eliminated’ if she went to the police or spoke negatively about the organisation, which claims to offer services including ‘assassinations, bombings and arms dealing’,” reported the Daily Mail.

It is unclear whether police found a physical copy of the letter or whether it was on a computer, but it said the model had been captured ‘by mistake’ and should ‘under no circumstances’ have been kidnapped, adding one of its ‘well respected’ members pleaded her case.

Black Death offers the sexual services of women for auction on the dark web and are very hostile to people asking questions.

Technology writer Joseph Cox previously tried to investigate Black Death in 2015 when he attempted to enter a human trafficking auction to discover how the syndicate worked and whether they were legitimate.

After finding them through a link on Reddit, he posed as a customer and asked to be involved in the auction, sending an encrypted email stating ‘I’m interested in the girl, want to see more photos first’.

But the aggressive response that came back was ‘Who are you, how do you know about us? Who recommended us?’

Daily Mail

Not knowing all the details of her abduction one thing can be said, situational awareness can save your life.

How she was drugged is not disclosed in the report, but maybe if she had been more alert this abducted model could have escaped Black Death’s grip.

Also, ladies, learn how to fight! Who cares if you have to keep your nails short or sacrifice your spa-days in order to train. At least you will be alive!

Just imagine if the model knew how to do this… she would never have had this trauma in her life.

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