Remember When Hillary Wanted 65,000 Refugees in America? Aren’t You Glad She Isn’t President?

A second terror attack on London occurred yesterday after just a few days passing of the Manchester Arena bombing.

In light of these jihadists ‘fulfilling their destiny’ by stabbing infidels, it’s interesting to compare and contrast Trump to Hillary.

Trump is trying to restrict the number of refugees coming into the country with a travel ban.

Hillary, when she was clawing and scratching her way to become president said that 10,000 refugees was a good start, but we need about 550% increase.

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Thanks to Europe and the UK’s multiculturalism mentality, they’re being riddled with terror attacks.

So far, all the of the terrorists involved in the slaughtering of innocents have come from Islamic countries.

Taking into consideration what is occurring to all the nations who’ve adopted this ‘globalist’ mentality (Germany, Sweden, the UK, etc.) aren’t you glad Trump is president and not Hillary?

The attack on the London bridge that happened last night could have very well been America.

It still can be, if the Liberals who’re still in power get what they want.

With no solid vetting system, it’s almost impossible to guarantee that a refugee entering our country won’t be a terrorist.

All that would be possible is to monitor them and you try watching 65,000 additional new threats to the Homeland all at once.

Our DOD can barely prevent the terrorists that are already here in America.

Hopefully the Supreme Court makes the right decision on Trump’s Travel Ban and puts political correctness aside.


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