REPORT: 200 Killed in North Korea At Nuclear Testing Site

A report coming out of Japan is claiming that at least 200 people have been killed at a nuclear test site in North Korea.

According to the media outlet TV Asahi, a tunnel collapsed during the construction of a new underground facility on October 10 in the northeastern region of the rogue nation.

The site of the collapse, called Punggye-ri, has reportedly weak ground in it’s surrounding areas.

Via the Daily MailThe network claimed the incident was the result of the weakening of the ground surrounding the site in the wake of North Korea’s sixth nuclear test which was carried out at the same site. 

It comes a day after Seoul warned that one more North Korean nuclear detonation could destroy its mountain test site and trigger a radiation leak.

South Korea says any future nuclear test by Kim Jong-un risks collapsing the location set aside for launching missiles.

The report claimed about 100 people were trapped in the tunnels after the initial collapse. A second occurred once rescue teams were attempting to get the people out, which raised the death toll to at least 200.

This report has yet to be verified by officials.


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