REPORT: An ALARMING Number of Foreigners Are Overstaying Their Visas — Outnumber Illegals at Border

We are dealing with another form of illegal immigration. So far, it looks like nothing has happened with these people (other than lying on visas or overstaying them, which is illegal), but who knows if the next person will be someone that means to harm our country? When will people learn, if they come here legally, life is a lot more simple for them. There won’t be any criminal cases, there won’t be any time in jail.

By Alfonso Chardy

Among an increasing number of immigration cases in Miami federal court, the ones that stand out are foreign travelers accused of making false statements in their visa applications in an effort to hide previous visits when they overstayed their visas.

At least five new cases of visa overstays appeared in court dockets in the last few weeks, coinciding with the publication of a new report that says foreign nationals who remain longer than their visas authorize now outnumber undocumented immigrants who cross the border illegally.

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The report from the Center for Migration Studies (CMS) in New York says that since 2007 a majority of undocumented immigrants in the United States are the result of visa overstays, not illegal border crossers.

“The paper finds that two-thirds of those who arrived in 2014 were admitted (after screening) to the United States on non-immigrant (temporary) visas, and then overstayed their period of admission or otherwise violated the terms of their visas — a trend likely to continue,” according to a CMS statement.

The most recent case in Miami court records starkly illustrates the issue.

It began on Jan. 28 when Uruguayan traveler María de los Ángeles Moreira García arrived at Miami International Airport on an American Airlines flight from Montevideo.

“The defendant presented a Uruguayan passport and a U.S. visa to Customs and Border Protection for an examination and entry into the United States,” the criminal complaint says. “The defendant was referred to secondary inspection for admissibility verification.”


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