REPORT: Berkeley Mayor ALLOWS Conservatives to be Beaten by ANTIFA Thugs, Tells Cops to…

We’ve all seen or read about what has happened in Berkeley the last few months. You better be tough if you are a conservative there.

Some new info has come to light, however, that paints an even darker picture.

During riots, police were told to stand down by Berkeley officials so Antifa thugs could unleash their wrath on conservatives.

Liberals complained and donated money when one of their female supporters who was looking for a fight got sucker punched in the face. What about the conservative women that were beaten?

Where is your outrage for them?


Yes, even women were beaten up by the rioting leftists.

Dozens of conservatives were beaten with poles, pepper-sprayed, cold-cocked, pummeled by leftist terrorists this year in Berkeley, California.

The far left mayor — who supports the Antifa terrorists — told local police to stand down against violence that was not immediately life threatening.

The Gateway Pundit

Men, women, and reportedly children were all injured in these riots.


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