Report: California Just Made it Legal for Illegal Immigrants to Vote

California just found a backdoor way of registering illegal immigrants to vote and it will allow almost a 1,000,000 non-citizens in the system, illegally.

Come April 1st (oh, the irony) a court order will be implemented that will instantly register anyone with the state’s issued driver license as eligible to vote.

According to the Sacramento Bee, back in October of 2015 this was signed into law in a bill called the California New Motor Voter Act. The very same year that this new bill was enacted, California snuck in a policy allowing illegal immigrants to get such a license.

Are the dots connecting for you now?

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Due to the new law, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles have to forward all records of “licensed drivers to California Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s office to be automatically registered to vote unless a driver purposefully opts out at the DMV,” reports Dangerous.

But according to Padilla, Americans have no reason to be suspicious:

The Secretary also states that voter fraud was “nearly nonexistent” in his state. Interesting choice of words, because during the 2016 elections there was allegations voter fraud had occurred and Padilla “refused to cooperate with a commission investigating illegitimate votes,” the Dangerous report continued.

He responded to the probe stating: “The President’s Commission is a waste of taxpayer money and a distraction from the real threats to the integrity of our elections today:  aging voting systems and documented Russian interference in our elections.”

Well, according to one study done on the 2008 general election the President’s Commission isn’t a complete waste of money. The report highlighted that almost 5.7 million non-citizens voted during this campaign season.

Being that California is home to roughly 2.3 million illegal immigrants — and the new law on the books — it certainly makes one understand why suspicions would be raised. Not to mention Padilla’s Boss, Democratic Governor Jerry Brown.

Brown enacted legislation making California a “sanctuary state,” and also declared the state would “prosecute any private employer who aided federal immigration officials attempting to remove illegals,” reported Dangerous.

There is also this little tid-bit of information: While President Trump was assembling his advisory team, Padilla called his appointments  “a threat to diverse communities throughout our nation” and “an imminent assault on our collective voting rights and civil rights” for their critical stance against illegal immigration.

Padilla’s own parents immigrated from Mexico to California.

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