Report: Chicago Police Recover Stolen Guns by the Thousands, Attribute Success to…

It finally seems that Chicago is doing real work to reduce the number of gun crimes committed in the city.

Police are about to recover the 6,000th stolen gun for this year. Making this record almost 300 more firearms that were recovered this time last year.


Much of the success was due to two implementations, claims Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson: ‘stronger partnerships with other law enforcement agencies, namely the ATF, and new technology. At the beginning of the year, the department installed additional cameras in the city’s most crime-ridden neighborhoods and expanded its use of ShotSpotter, a gunshot detection system,’ reports Bearing Arms.

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As a result of this new approach a 34 percent increase in gun-related arrests has occurred. Which is great news! It finally seems like the police are willing to enforce the laws already on the books, to make real change.

But don’t get so hopeful though…

It is still Chicago and the police superintendent is wanting to propose more laws.

Bearing Arms states, ‘To prevent new guns from ending up on the street, Johnson told WGN9  last month that he would like to see a law which allows officers to track handguns after a citizen makes the purchase. Additionally, he told CBS Chicago that he’d like to see stricter penalties for gun owners who fail to report their firearm lost or stolen.’

Sounds a lot like gun control to us.


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