REPORT: Driver Purposely Hits Pedestrians at London’s Natural History Museum

Saturday afternoon a driver injured several people after his car mounted the pavement and hit one pedestrian after another.

The incident occurred outside London’s Natural History Museum, a very popular tourist spot and high in human traffic.

After the car came to a stop, four men pinned the driver down.

Tourists were sent running terrified in all different directions ‘as the black Toyota careered into a sign before ultimately crashing into a crowd of as many as 10 people as it hit a silver car, according to witnesses,’ reports the Daily Mail.

Pictures taken after the incident show guards pinning a man covered in blood, as the path of his destruction lay in ruins.

The whole area, including public transportation, was sealed off by police and the Science Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum were evacuated.

The Daily Mail has stated, ‘the injured were seen sitting on steps being treated with one of the victims pictured with a bandage on her foot. Scotland Yard said it was too soon to say whether the crash was a terror attack but have not ruled it out. A spokesman said a ‘number’ of people had been injured in the horror crash.’

Europe has been plagued with a series of vehicle attacks — Britain, France, Germany and Stockholm — which have claimed the lives of over 100 people.

Eyewitness Greg King told MailOnline: ‘A black Toyota went ploughing straight towards us and the crowd. At that point I thought it had lost control. It went spinning round and as it did that it smashed into a sign and knocked it over.

‘In the meantime it hit at least two or three people. It then went careering across the road and smashed into the side of another car that brought it to a stop.

‘People jumped out of the back of the car and everyone was running.

‘A member of the museum staff and a member of the public dragged him on the ground.’

Another eyewitness said she had been walking down Exhibition Road when she heard a loud bang. She said a little boy around eight or nine had been injured along with a woman.

The witness told the radio station she believed the boy had broken his leg but was responsive but said the woman ‘wasn’t moving’.

Daily Mail

She said: ‘The ambulance took about ten minutes to arrive, all the officials from the museum were trying to help but a lot of people were standing around very scared.’

A local shopkeeper talking to Sky News, who saw the car crash, said: ‘There was lots of panic. When I heard the crash I looked out and saw people running.

‘I saw two police officers take the man out of the car and pin him to the ground.

‘Thirty minutes later they evacuated the whole street. There were at least ten police cars on the scene.’

Eyewitness on Twitter said: ‘Just witnessed a car drive into people in London. Safe for now please message your friends if they’re here near the national museum.’

Another posted: ‘Looks like a guy tried to mow people down at the natural history museum.’

Lesley Carter wrote: ‘Recommend steering clear of the NaturalHistoryMuseum – Police incident – man has mounted the curb in a car attempting to run people over.’

Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, this certainly has the characteristics of a terror attack. What do you believe happened?

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