Report: Father ‘Chained His Twin Daughters in Home, Raped Them and Fathered Their Children’

Minneapolis father Jerry Lee Curry, 51, allegedly raped, starved and beat his twin daughters in their home for 10 years.

Curry reportedly had the girls chained in the home during this long period of torture.

After one of the twins escaped May of 2017, a protective order was filed against the father. It was at this time that authorities discovered he fathered two children with one of his daughters.

According to the Star Tribune, these children birthed by one of the twins were born in June 2014 and the other in October 2017.

Via the Daily Mail: The twin sisters, who have diminished mental and behavioral capacity, are now in their 20s.   

According to the charges, the abuse had been going on for at least 10 years until one of the twins escaped to alert authorities last May. 

Police have yet to locate the 48-year-old mother, who has not been identified. 

The charges filed against Curry allege that he also beat their 10-year-old daughter, but not nearly as bad as the twins. 

One of the twins, Victim A, was the one who managed to escape last May. She was reported missing by her mother and authorities found her at the Salvation Army shelter, according to the Tribune. 

Human services officials removed the other twin, Victim B, and their younger sister from the residence on May 9th. When authorities discovered Victim A, they said she had “injuries consistent with abuse.”

The following month, Victim A gave her testimony to the authorities, outlining her and her sister’s abuse; telling authorities it all began once the twins were “sexually active.”

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Her statement continued to reveal that their father continuously chained her tightly around the ankles to the parents’ bedroom door in order ‘to prevent her from seeing men’ and to starve her.

She said she would be chained for days at a time with her hands tied behind her back. Curry would allegedly beat her bloody while she was bound.

Victim B, who was twice-impregnated by Curry, told authorities she doesn’t “ever remember having enough food.”

DNA samples from Curry and Victim B confirmed that he was the father of her daughter and the twins’ biological father as well.  

“He forced me to have sex, [and] he has done this to me every day since I was [in my] early teens or so,” she continued. “He did this to my twin sister also.”

“It feel[s] so good today to not be chained to the bed.”

One psychologist who analyzed Victim B said she has “mild to moderate” intellectual disability and will be unable to live on her own.

Victim A is more severely diminished intellectually and behaves much like a child 6 to 7 years old, according to the Tribune. 

Child safety experts concluded that their injuries were ‘clinically diagnostic of torture’.

Victim A suffered a ‘largely detached’ left ear and scars on her forehead, scalp and back. She told authorities that those wounds came from when Curry beat her with a bat and a paddle.

Victim A suffers from a chronic limp from being chained around her ankle so tightly. 

According to the report, her chains were so tight on her ankles that gangrene set in. Victim A was close to losing both her legs before an emergency surgery saved them.

One twin said their father would beat them with bats, brooms, and his fists “if they misbehaved.”

Authorities examined the twins’ younger sister, who is 10, but found no signs of physical abuse; however, Curry did have her abuse her sisters by forcing her to hit them with a stick.

The twins were also allegedly naked while they were chained and left to wallow in her feces and urine. 

Victim B also alleged that her parents kept the twin’s Social Security disability payments to buy drugs and alcohol.

Curry was charged more than nine months after the twins and younger sister first made the abuse allegations known to authorities. 

County attorney spokesman Chuck Laszewski told the Tribune that investigators needed the time to collect sufficient evidence.

He was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, first and second degree assault, abuse of a vulnerable adult, and a gross-misdemeanor count of child endangerment.

Curry is currently being held in jail with a $750,000 bail.


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