REPORT: FBI Knew There Were Going to be TERROR Attacks

fbiCould these attacks have been prevented? They only had the alert hours before. What are your thoughts?

FBI officials had been put on high alert for a possible terror attack last weekend just hours before a man stabbed nine in a Minnesota mall and a powerful bomb went off in a dumpster in New York City.

Alert issued Friday

Several intelligence sources and the FBI confirmed an alert was issued Friday.

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FBI spokeswoman Kelly J. Langmesser, with the New York field office, said the alert was in response to the United Nations General Assembly meeting taking place this week in New York City, which is drawing world leaders to the area.

Increasing chatter

Langmesser gave no details about the incident or the devices discovered in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, saying it was “an ongoing investigation and information would be made available as the investigation develops.”

Sources tell that a combination of increasing chatter online along with an impending UN meeting in New York had government officials concerned about possible attacks.

Heightened security at United Nations

The fact that the bomber or bombers remain on the loose has the United Nations now reassessing security.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric told the Associated Press that security inside is “being assessed on a constant basis,” adding that security is the responsibility of the host nation.

Dry-run theory 

One theory being looked at by law enforcement is whether Saturday’s bomb was an effort to test targets — a dry run of sorts — for future planned attacks in the city.

Another theory is that the bomb maker or makers lacked the sophistication to carry off a wide-scale attack.

Injuries, no deaths

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a professor in irregular warfare and strategy with the Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C., said that the device that exploded in Chelsea was placed in a dumpster, which minimized its reach.

That could be the reason why the 29 victims were only wounded and not killed. In addition, the fact that the pressure cooker bomb found at the second location did not go off suggests it failed to explode.


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