Report: Female Terrorist ‘Enjoyed Torturing Women in Front of Their Families’

If this isn’t demonic, then what is? Recently departed from the ISIS terror network, a woman known as ‘Hajer’ claims she enjoyed torturing women while their families witnessed the atrocity.

The woman, 25, served in an all-female ISIS brigade and claimed that female British jihadists are the best a torturing people; claiming they’re the most sadistic, using a special tool.

The brigade is called Al-Khansaa and Hajer joined in 2014 – according to the report experts have compared them to Hitler’s Gestapo.

‘Several London school girls later joined Al-Khansaa with Hajer, where their job was to act as a brutal police force that savagely beat anyone who broke the rules – a job that Hajer loved,’ reports the Daily Wire.

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“I enjoyed it, I enjoyed torturing Syrian women – especially when their fathers or husbands were there,” Hajer said.

Hajer said, “You know, Europeans are more sadistic and violent than the others. For example, the British female fighters boast of brutal torture. The one who used the ‘biting’ tool is British – pure British. She was known as Um Salama.”

According to Europe’s top anti-terrorism official Giles de Kerchove the U.K. is home to more Islamic extremists than any other country in Europe.

He has estimated that as many as 35,000 Islamic extremists – 500 of which are so threatening, they require “constant and special attention.”

Question is, why doesn’t the EU or the UK do something about those people? A preemptive strike on them would be better than their initial strike.


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