REPORT: ISIS Supporters Hijack Radio Station to Broadcast 30 Minutes of Propaganda

Listeners of radio station Mix Megapol were shocked to hear the music being broadcasted over the airwaves on Friday.

The radio station’s frequency was hacked by Islamic State supporters and played 30 minutes of it’s propaganda song.

‘Mix Megapol is one of Sweden’s biggest radio stations with around 1.4 million listeners daily, although the problem affected only listeners in the southern Swedish city of Malmo,’ reports the Telegraph.

“Somebody interfered with our frequency using a pirate transmitter,” Jakob Gravestam said in a press release.

“We will report the incident to police and to the National Post and Telecom Agency.”

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Gravestam is the Marketing Director at Bauer Media Group, which owns Mix Megapol.

The song was sung by men in English. Some of the lyrics were: “For the sake of Allah we will march to gates of the paradise where our maidens await. We are men who love death just as you love your life, we are soldiers who fight in the day and the night.”

The song played during the nation’s popular morning show ‘Anders & Gry with Friends’. The hosts didn’t realize they were hacked until listeners called, demanding to know what was going on.

“A lot of people have called us about this. We are very happy that people are vigilant and we treat this very seriously,” Gravestam said.


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