Report: Man Uses AR-15 to Save a Life

National news has been flooded with headlines about gun-control and a need to ban AR-15 rifles in an effort to stop mass shootings. This new wave of gun grabbing comes in the wake of the Parkland, FL, school shooting, where Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people.

The gun, a tool the inflicts deadly force, has been given human like qualities and apparently has the ability to assault people.

Well, apparently one AR-15 prefers to save lives rather than assault them.

On Monday morning Dave Thomas, 41, was preparing to leave his apartment for work when he heard women screaming in the building.

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Thomas, a firearms instructor, peeked from his door to find a bloody hallway. Immediately he grabbed his AR-15 and handgun.


“I teach people how to defend themselves, and it was just a reaction to grab the AR-15,” he said.

Authorities reported that Thomas confronted a man who was stabbing another in the apartment complex. Thomas warned the attacker he would shoot, and the man with the knife fled.

“He was a half a breath away from getting his head blown off and he knew that,” Thomas said. “That’s why he put the knife down.”

Via the Chicago Tribune: Kendall County sheriff’s deputies arrived about 5 p.m. and arrested two people, the man suspected of stabbing his neighbor and a woman with him. The neighbor was treated and released from Rush Copley Medical Center in Aurora, according to the sheriff’s office.

Jacob Currey, 22, who lives in the building, was charged with aggravated battery and mob action. The same charges were filed against Alyssa Wright, 19, of Naperville. Both had a bond hearing scheduled for Wednesday.

A 27-year-old woman who lives in the building said she had ordered pizza and went outside to meet the delivery driver when Currey started to fight with her. That escalated into him stabbing her husband inside the building. The knife also nicked her leg, she said.

The woman revealed she was 9 months pregnant and on bed rest. “He told me he was gonna kill my baby — while his hand was covered in my husband’s blood,” she said.

Detective Bryan Harl credited Thomas for his actions and stopping the already bad situation from escalating. He also said Thomas did nothing criminal.  “He did in the moment what he thought was going to de-escalate this situation and stop any further violence or loss of life and for that he is to be praised,” Harl said.

Thomas has a valid firearm owner’s identification card and a concealed carry permit, the sheriff’s office said. Thomas said he used to train with police. His current job includes teaching concealed carry classes, and he also works private security. He has lived in Oswego since 2004.

Thomas believes if he’d grabbed the smaller gun, the threat would have been less effective and he would have ended up shooting the man.

“I think this is a perfect example of why… every single law-abiding citizen should have an AR-15,” Thomas said, as long as they had the proper training.


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