REPORT: Murder Case of DNC Staffer Seth Rich Gets More Twisted

July 10th, 2016, Democratic staffer Seth Rich was murdered in an upscale Washington DC neighborhood. He was talking to his girlfriend when he told her out of the blue that he needed to go.

His parents reported at 4:18 am, they heard two shots fired. Police found Rich conscious and breathing but when he was taken to the hospital, he died. The murder took nothing from Rich. He still had his watch, wallet, and phone on him.

“If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life,” Rich’s father, Joel, told reporters.

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A few weeks after Rich’s murder, former Head of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz,  lost her position during the DNC Convention due to WikiLeaks emails being released that showed her efforts to enable Hillary Clinton to win the DNC nomination and steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.  (Wasserman Schultz’s brother, Steven Wasserman, is the Assistant US Attorney at the Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia.  Questions have arisen as to whether Steven played a part in burying the Seth Rich murder case in DC.  No one has yet been charged in spite of the many unanswered questions related to the murder case.)

Because Rich reportedly provided emails to WikiLeaks there are many who believe Rich was murdered as a result.  One reason for this belief occurred in August of 2016.   At that time Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for information on the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.  WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, in an interview alluded to the fact that Seth Rich may have supplied the emails that WikiLeaks leaked during the election last year.

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Many believe that Seth Rich provided DNC emails to WikiLeaks before his death. Kim Dot Com revealed said that he had proof Rich was the leaker. Many have offered rewards for any information involving the death of the 27-year-old.

One question remains, though; who provided the information to the DNC to implicate Rich?

According to information found at reddit, one DNC staffer might be the answer. Amy Dacey has a long relationship with John Podesta. Going back to 2007, Dacey had been in contact with Hillary’s campaign manager according to Podesta’s own emails. Dacey worked at the SEIU and then later was Executive Director at Fund for America, all the while keeping up contact with the Podesta gang.

She eventually worked her way up to CEO of the DNC and was leading the investigation into voter database compromise that happened at the end of 2015. According to Dacey’s report embedded in an email from December 2015, the DNC had hired the firm NGP Van as a software partner.

The report reads:

NGP VAN applied a new software patch to the DNC’s voter database system, and because of an error in the code, users were capable of accessing some limited, yet extremely valuable information belonging to other campaigns for a very brief window of time.

When the “glitch” was fixed, the DNC asked the firm to do a few more things:

  • Identify any users who may have accessed information from another campaign inappropriately,
  • Pinpoint exactly what actions any such users took in the system, and
  • Report these findings to the DNC so we would know what, if any, data was actually acquired.

Dacey reported to Podesta:

NGP VAN found that campaign staff on the Sanders campaign, including the campaign’s national data director, had accessed proprietary information about which voters were being targeted by the Clinton campaign — and in doing so violated their agreements with the DNC. These staffers then saved this information in their personal folders on the system, and over the course of the next day, we learned that at least one staffer appeared to have generated reports and exported them from the system. None of this is in dispute. It’s fully documented in the system logs. And these details reveal nothing less than a serious violation of the agreements governing the use of this data. Underscoring that fact is the point that the Sanders campaign has fired their national data director and indicated further disciplinary actions may be taken pending the results of their own investigation.

At the end of the report, she said the DNC would “continue to investigate the incident with the help of an independent auditor.”

Another email at the time written by Podesta notes that she [Hillary] “is whipped up on actual damage“.  Apparently Hillary wanted to know all that that had been leaked as if she was hiding something with major implications.

A couple months later in February of 2016 the DNC was still talking about information being leaked.  Podesta reports in an email released by WikiLeaks at that time that he was “definitely for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real basis for it.”

The Gateway Pundit

The emails indicate that in the spring of 2016, the DNC was still searching for the leaker. We have known for a little while now that Podesta wanted to make an example of the leaker, as noted in the email above.

Then, July 10th, Rich was murdered.

In early August of 2016, Seth Rich’s boss resigned as CEO of the DNC on account of some embarrassing emails released by WikiLeaks.

You guessed it; his boss was Amy Dacey.

These are the facts. We will leave the assumptions up to you.

But one thing is for certain, Dacey along with others, need to be thoroughly questioned and looked into. We think everyone can agree on this.


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