REPORT: Muslim Immigrant Busts into Christian Conference…Threatens With Cache of Weapons

The MSM wishes this was ‘fake news’, but it really happened; though it doesn’t fit their story line.

They may have said the Christian Conference triggered Ehab Abdulmutta Jaber, from Saudi Arabia, because the focus on the meeting was critical of Islam.

In the real world, your actions have consequences. Jaber was wearing a shirt saying ‘I’m American, I’m a Muslim, I open carry, I conceal carry, and I’m dangerous only if you’re stupid,’ when he entered the private meeting.

A security guard was prompted to address his presence when he started shouting at the attendees and making threats to them and the speakers.

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After being kicked out, Ehab went on Facebook live and ranted for a couple of minutes.

While he was recording his fit of rage, the Muslim immigrant started pulling out a cache of weapons.

This is real, and just another reason why I encourage all of my followers to ALWAYS be packing… don’t be a victim. It’s sick bastards like this that take advantage of those who can’t protect themselves. For those that can protect themselves and don’t, I have no sympathy for. Take the measures necessary to protect YOURSELF and YOUR LOVED ONES. Don’t worry, many federal agencies as well as his local police department are aware of this video and are keeping an eye on him. More info and the full video on my Facebook page… sickening. #isisniggas #isiskilledbiggie #trumpmemes #liberals #libbys #democraps #liberallogic #liberal #maga #conservative #constitution #presidenttrump #resist #stupidliberals #merica #america #stupiddemocrats #donaldtrump #trump2016 #patriot #trump #yeeyee #presidentdonaldtrump #draintheswamp #makeamericagreatagain #trumptrain #triggered CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE AND STORE!? Add me on Snapchat and get to know me. Don’t be a stranger: thetypicallibby Partners: @theunapologeticpatriot ?? @too_savage_for_democrats ? @thelastgreatstand ?? @always.right ? @keepamerica.usa ☠️ @republicangirlapparel ? @drunkenrepublican ? TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS! Make sure to check out our joint Facebook – Right Wing Savages Joint Instagram – @rightwingsavages

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Several handguns and one rifle were displayed in the video.

Enough firepower to do real damage to the captive audience.

Initially the enraged man was not charged with any crime by the police; much to the surprise of the Sioux Falls conference organizers.

The state’s attorney said he would continue investigating the issue, however he didn’t see anything incriminating in the videos.

Well, guess he was wrong.

Now Ehab Abdulmutta Jaber is facing felony charges!


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