REPORT: National Security Adviser to Trump Just Got Caught Doing Something Naughty with Liberal Reporter

President Donald Trump has complained multiple times that there are too many leaks within the White House.

For some reason, the White House staff has been unable to keep a lid on their people.

Now it seems like one such leaker has been unveiled.

National Security Advisor to President Trump, Dina Habib Powell, seems to have an ongoing relationship with NYTimes White House Correspondent Maggie Haberman.

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According to GotNews, Powell leaked classified information to the reporter.

Pundit Mike Cernovich seems to have discovered this little romance and hasn’t stopped talking about it.

Haberman is no fan of Trump and is a devoted Hillary supporter.

Hillary’s old press secretary sang her praises back in January of 2015. Nick Merrill wrote that Maggie was key to ‘teeing up’ Hillary’s image for presidency by pushing stories in her favor on Politico.

How do we know? Well thanks to WikiLeaks, Merrill’s email addressing Clinton’s close circle said exactly that:

For something like this, especially in the absence of us teasing things out to others, we feel that it’s important to go with what is safe and what has worked in the past, and to a publication that will reach industry people for recruitment purposes.

We have has a very good relationship with Maggie Haberman of Politico over the last year. We have had her tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed.

While we should have a larger conversation in the near future about a broader strategy for reengaging the beat press that covers HRC, for this we think we can achieve our objective and do the most shaping by going to Maggie.

So, why should anyone care about this special relationship between Dina and Maggie?


If she can’t be trusted with top National Security information, classified stuff, why should she get a promotion?

Powell should be sitting in jail for her actions. Hillary did the same thing with her email servers.

It’s time to put our nation’s security first and politics second.

Get ALL the leaks fixed!

Dina Habib Powell is only the latest national security threat in the White House GotNews has exposed. In February, we revealed Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh as a White House leaker to the Times’s Haberman, resulting in Walsh’s firing.




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