REPORT: Veteran Cop Killed Himself Because He was Suspected of Using Police Money to…

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 7.28.07 AMThis is a pretty damning report.

Investigators with ‘significant new information’ about the fatal shooting of Charles Gliniewic are expected to reveal the Chicago police officer committed suicide when he died in early September.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office is holding a news conference Wednesday to share the new details and it is anticipated officials will announce Gliniewicz committed suicide due to personal issues.

A legal investigation into Gliniewicz may also have been a factor, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The officer, who was known as GI Joe, was suspected of using department funds for personal items and vacations, and an audit into his conduct was under way at the time of his death, WGN reported.

The FBI was also looking into the matter and it should be part of Wednesday’s announcement.

Gliniewicz died weeks before his planned retirement after radioing on September 1 and reporting that he was chasing three suspicious men on foot.

Backup officers arrived to find the 52-year-old Fox Lake officer’s body 50 yards from his squad car.

A massive manhunt outside of Chicago ensued, though no arrests were made and no suspects were identified.

The police lieutenant’s death prompted an outpouring of support, with thousands lining the roads during his funeral, but authorities later confirmed Gliniewicz had been shot twice with his own weapon.

The county coroner previously said he was unable to rule Gliniewicz’s death a homicide, suicide or an accident. That stance could possibly change with Wednesday’s expected announcement.

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