Report: What Cops Have Discovered in Death of Eric Bolling’s Son

Yesterday it was reported that former Fox News host Eric Bolling’s son was discovered dead. He was a student at the University of Colorado-Boulder. The announcement of his passing happened just hours after his father left the TV Network amidst allegations of sexual harassment.

It was initially reported by the New York Daily News that the details surrounding his son’s death were unavailable though “a Boulder police spokesperson said they were investigating the case.”

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Fox News expressed their regards to Bolling’s family: “We are very saddened to hear of the passing of Eric Bolling’s son. Eric Chase was a wonderful young man and our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Bolling family.”

Now, Eric Bolling tweeted himself what the cops have found:

“Authorities have informed us there is no sign of self harm at this point. Autopsy will be next week. Please respect our grieving period.”

At this point, there are still very little details available about the passing and jumping to conclusions would be irresponsible. However, the above statement does make one wonder if this was not a suicide, but rather a murder.

h/t Daily Wire



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