REPORT: What Russia and China are Doing Should Have Us on High Alert

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 8.14.00 AMObama has caused more conflict in his ‘no war’ administration, than those presidents who had to go to war.

Russian and Chinese militaries met in the last few weeks in the Pacific to conduct the largest joint training exercises in the history of the two nations. While floating in the Sea of Japan, Russian and Chinese men and machines worked together to show the world their commitment to one another, as well as their combined military might.

As reported by The Free Beacon, “22 warships, submarines, and other vessels took part in the exercises, accompanied by 20 aircraft and over 500 marines. This recent show of strength is not unique, however, and was named Joint Sea II after the successful Joint Sea I co-operation that took place in April. Joint Sea I was a similar combined effort that took place on the other side of the globe, the Mediterranean Sea, where Russia has flexed its military muscles in recent years and where China is considering lending Greece a hand with that country’s poor economic situation.

Despite the historic nature of the recent joint exercises, 
“The Chinese state-controlled media agency Xinhua downplayed any suggestion that the exercise was designed to make a political point, claiming it “was not targeted to any third party.”

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Ha. Tell that to Taiwan and Japan.

“A different interpretation of growing Russian-Chinese military cooperation was provided late last year by Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s defense minister, who said, “We believe the main goal of pooling our efforts is to shape a regional security system.”

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