REPORT: Why Trump FIRED Dr. Vivek Murthy Will Have Gun Lovers SCREAMING ‘America’!

Trump will not take cr@p from anyone. Either you are there to work with him or you can get out.

And that’s exactly what Obama’s pro-gun control Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, is learning now.

On Friday, the Trump administration asked for Murthy’s resignation.

Murthy was confirmed to the position December 15, 2014. In the lead-up to his confirmation vote, the focus was on Murthy’s “political activism” in regards to gun control.

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The NRA and other gun rights groups were right there with the Republicans to oppose Murthy.

In fact, it wasn’t just Republicans and pro-gun groups that opposed him. Senator Joe Manchin, a red state Democratic proponent of gun control, refused to vote for Murthy because he was too pro-gun control.


Come on, that’s when you know it’s bad.

Sadly, former Senator Mark Kirk crossed the aisle and voted yes, giving Murthy the job.

Murthy said he views gun policy as a “health care issue.” It’s about time he gets out of there!

I got into some trouble for saying gun violence is a public health issue.

A little bit of trouble.

But you know, I was stating what I think is the obvious, and I think most people in the country understand, which is that far too many people die from gun violence.

And in my book, every single death from gun violence is a tragedy because it was preventable.

It’s unacceptable.

Murthy will be replaced with Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams, who was previously the Deputy Surgeon General.


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