REPORT: Wife of Orlando Terrorist was TEXTING Him During Shooting–Now Facing TWO Charges of…

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 6.17.37 PMThis woman has accomplice written all over her. Absolutely absurd she did not report him, IF she didn’t want this to happen.

The FBI is considering at least two charges against the widow of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen, reports suggest.

Sources told ABC that Noor Salman has become the focus of the investigation into the massacre that left 49 people dead.

A grand jury has been convened to investigate her role, but authorities have not disclosed what charges she could face.

The mother-of-one is also sent text messages to the ISIS sympathizer as he carried out the deadliest mass shooting in American history, according to CNN.

He is believed to have asked her if she had ‘seen the news’ in one of the messages.

At one point, she allegedly responded with a text saying that she loved him.

Salman also tried calling her husband several times during the standoff, a second law enforcement official told the network, but he didn’t answer.

It is believed that she tried to contact him after reports of the attack started to surface.

FBI detectives are currently interrogating the mother-of-one – who allegedly knew about her husband’s plans to commit a massacre last week.

If Salman, 30, did drive her husband to scout locations and buy ammunition, then she could be found just as guilty as him of committing a hate crime, detectives told Fox News.

Investigators have reportedly obtained surveillance footage showing Salman buying ammunition with Mateen days before the attack.

And reports claim she told law enforcement that she drove her husband to Walt Disney World and Pulse nightclub to scout out locations.

Despite initially resisting questions, law enforcement said, Salman is now fully cooperating with the investigation.

She was seen on Monday returning briefly to the home in Fort Pierce, Florida, that she shared with Mateen and their three-year-old son, before getting back in a police car to continue questioning.

Salman has not commented publicly since the attack, which began around 2am early Sunday.

‘I can assure you that we’re working with our law enforcement partners to find out everything that we can about what happened at the Pulse nightclub,’ Lee Bentley, the U.S. Attorney for Florida’s middle district said on Wednesday.

‘We are using all law enforcement and legal tools to reconstruct not only the events of that night but the events of the past several months.’

Salman was raised by her Palestine-born parents in Rodeo and she graduated from John Swett High School in nearby Crockett, where many of her extended family still live.

Her first marriage was arranged in the Palestinian Territories by her parents, but the cultural frictions between them – Salman an American, her husband Middle Eastern – were too great, neighbors said.

She met Mateen – security guard, bodybuilder and devout Muslim – online. They were married on September 29, 2011, near her hometown.

On June 12, 2015, Mateen unleashed his deadly attack on a nightclub of innocent people.


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